I Truly Would If I Could.

In first year university I started donating blood with Candadian Blood Services (CBS). "It's in you to give".

- I came across some advertisements and thought, yes, I'd really like to do that. Or maybe it was my dorm mate who mentioned it to me first, I don't remember. I always had a very strong aversion to needles (as many people do) and the needles for donating blood are certainly not comfortable, but I did it anyway. I had a bit of fear at first, but I felt it was my responsibility to do it.

After the first time I felt really good about my decision and felt familiar with the process so I went back again and again.

Later on I received a letter indicating I had recently tested "False-Reactive" and could no longer donate. Ever. With the current regulations a "False-Reactive" will never be able to donate blood again, which is a shame since they're in such need for blood donors all the time. Here's an explanation of what that means, btw:

"Unfortunately, a test result of "false-reactive" or "false positive" is an indefinite deferral at this time. The tests we use to screen blood are highly sensitive and are designed to detect donations with even the smallest levels of infection. However, because the tests are so sensitive, in some cases they react non-specifically with proteins in people's blood and the result comes up "reactive" (positive). When we then confirm the test using a different, more specific assay that has different sensitivity levels, it will not confirm positive, and that is what we refer to as a "false reactive" or "false positive"."

So. What this means is that their first test of my blood was inaccurate, and the second test of my blood proved I was healthy after all. But because the first test (which they admit was proven wrong) showed 'reactive', I am never again allowed to donate. This really upset me, and it still upsets me, especially just recently when I came across the letter again. Soooooo many people are allowed to donate and they don't, or they don't do it nearly as often as they're allowed. And me, I wanted to donate as often as possible, and they turned me away for what they know is a bad reason. It's not the fault of CBS (they've apparently been trying to change this broken rule for years [though I don't know how hard they've been "trying"]), but Health Canada, who CBS answers to.

I sincerely hope one day they'll let me donate blood again, before I'm too old. It's such a shame. A waste. Generally I feel I do very little of worth in this life, and the one thing I CAN do - by nature of being alive and having a healthy body God or Nature gave me -- I'm turned away because of a stupid rule. There are people who could use my blood for their well-being, or even to save their life now or in the future, and Health Canada can't be bothered.

I suppose I don't belong in this group, but I hope one day I will.
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Hmmm....I learned something new today. I didn't know about this rule in Canada. I'm in the US wonder if its the same here. Well...at least you tried. It is a dumb rule though :/

Strangely enough, I'm still allowed to join OneMatch, which is exactly what I did. Hopefully my stem cells are a match for someone who needs them, in which case, although I can't donate actual blood with CBS, I can still be useful for producing stem cells for OneMatch. I'll just have to wait and see.... My understanding is that it's a lot more specific than simple categories of blood type, so maybe I'll never be needed here. Oh well. There's still organ donation for after my death, I suppose.

...and I have no idea why I'd be allowed to be a stem cell donor for OneMatch and not a blood donar with CBS.

does donating stem cell hurt and do you need recovery time afterwards?

...and yes, it is a more complicated procedure. Google search "OneMatch" and the page will come up. They're very grateful for new volunteers, if you're interested I encourage you to check it out. Donating blood is easier & a shorter recovery time though - if you can do that instead, start off with that ;)

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That is ashame and should not be test results are wrong all the time and things should be retested to show they are correct! I just gave yesterday and had no problems but once i went and when they did the iron test i failed and they said i could give. I looked at the girl and said i have never had this problem before she said that she couldn't redo the test but she could have another person do it. So we tried again and got a completely different reading and i was able to give. So that just goes to show you how a test can fail. The Red Cross needs to redo their whole system it just doesn't run to smooth like it should this day and age!