Where's That Little Girl Now?

I haven't had the chance to donate blood yet, but I would love to.

Back when I was in college, a group of Red Cross volunteers and a fraternity held their annual blood letting drive at school. I have a rare blood type, and it wasn't really a big deal for me until we ran into one of the volunteers and talked us into donating blood. I was all set to getting a tattoo in three days with a couple of friends, and so I thought, "What the heck. It was going to be for a good cause anyway."

I filled out the forms and when the volunteer found out what my blood type was, he was so happy and called their leader's attention. I learned that a little girl of 7 or 8 years old needed blood as soon as possible as she is a leukemia patient. I was happy to be a medium of hope.

I suddenly got a call from my thesis partner and was reminded of the draft I had to submit in an hour. I felt stupid that I totally forgot something as important as that. So I promised the volunteers that I'll be back, and I'll be donating blood as soon as I get back. Unfortunately, when I got back, they were gone and I was told they'd been called away.

Even to this day, I still wonder about that little girl. I hope that somebody else was able to donate blood to her and that she overcame her illness.
Aecee Aecee
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2 Responses Oct 18, 2012

It is great when you can give a part of your body that will help someone in need.
I do donate blood and did not realise this group existed here until I saw you write up.
I am an O-... and have been called upon to donate on three occasions. On one occasion I was not well and could not cope.

I was also glad when I found this group. it's nice to see some insights from others who share this need to contribute to the community. It's good that you're able to donate blood and who knows how many lives you've saved or helped save? :) By the way, my blood type is AB-.

If you have a rare type you should donate every time you can cause these days between tattoo's and diabetes they don't get many donor's! I give every time i can and have done it for years for the last couple of years i give doubles that is when they take the red blood cells!

I'm glad to hear that you're donating blood on a regular basis. You're helping A LOT! I agree on your suggestion. Unfortunately I've had a slightly elevated blood pressure and was advised against donating blood in the meantime :( Maybe when I'm back in shape I can see if I'm qualified to donate. Cheers!