Wife Poisoned Me When I Was A Plasma Donor And No One Cared

Wife Poisoned Me When I Was a Plasma Donor and No One Cared and she even admits in her diary she was using pills and antifreeze as poison.
I could not get help from a hospital because my wife was having an affair with a cop and his buddy's would have PRIVATE CHATS with my doctor in the hallway and they made it known to my doctor to NOT TAKE A TOXICOLOGY TEST.
My doctor refused to do a toxicology test and never came back to my room because my wife's lovers buddy's didn't want me getting help.
No one cares my wife was poisoning me when I was a plasma donor their are too many people willing to lie for cops for me to find help.
I was bleeding internally from being poisoned and no one cared because my wife's LOVERS HAVE TOO MUCH INFLUENCE AT HOSPITALS.
I could not even get a doctor to read my wife's written confessions because they did not want to help me.
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Here is just some of my wife's and her lover the cops written confessions.



My wife started an affair with some cops, she spent one and a half months turning my family against me behind my back and she turned her coworkers against me, she then got permission from her lovers the cops to poison me to death using antifreeze in my coffee, she nor my family cared that I was a regular plasma donor I donated twice a week!No one cared when I discovered her affair with a cop that turned out to be almost a twin to me, no one cared when I tried to warn people about it, my wife and her relatives were hinting in front of my face they were involved in a murder conspiracy, no one cared when male members of the family started getting internal bleeding and dropping dead, no one cared that my wife was not hiding her motive for murder from her coworkers, no one cared my wife's coworkers started calling my wife Mrs Dash, no one cared my wife's lover the cop wrote her love letters and calling her by that nickname.The hospital did not care that a plasma donor was being poisoned to death by his wife, she was having an affair with a cop so she did not care if anyone knew or suspected, doctors admitted I had internal bleeding but refused to take a toxicology test, I could hear my wife's lovers and their bro's in the hallway at the hospital coercing my doctor into not taking a toxicology test, my doctor never came back to my E,R, room after that!No one cared that my wife's lovers and buddy's in law enforcement were renting multiple apartments around ours and they were not hiding the fact they had multiple cameras aimed at our stairway and at our vehicles, no one cared these so called law officer's were having fun running around my neighborhood destroying my reputation while I was bedridden and bleeding internally from being poisoned, no one cared my wife and her lovers the cops were not hiding their motive for murder!Our apartment managers helped my wife's lovers to get apartments around ours and my wife's lover was having fun doing break ins around our neighborhood while dressed up like me so that I would get the blame, my wife and her lovers just did not care, they knew no one with a badge cares so they are free to mess me over all they want to and they made sure I would get blame by starting rumors about me right after they committed their crimes!I could not get help from 911 or from a hospital and I was in such severe pain I could not walk far, but I tried to find help, only to discover the police had our cars towed away, but that did not stop my wife's lover the cop from giving her personal rides to her place of employment!While I lay bedridden in severe pain and weak from constant internal bleeding my wife had fun taunting and torturing me because she knew I could not get help, she even had fun throwing signed confessions at me admitting she was poisoning me with pills and antifreeze, she knew my vision was so bad that I could not read her written confessions and she knew there was no one that would care enough to read them, and she was right, no one cares!

Google the news story " The Doubleclick and Mrs Dash real-life Walmart Serial Killers " and you will be able to find signed confessions of Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar and you can hear one of their audio death threats they put in Terry Wagar's apartment and if you scroll down to the bottom of that page you can find a link to a video of Eric Carlson and his bro's in law enforcement and Joan Wagar herself caught on video gang-stalking Terry Wagar just outside his apartment at 5:45 am and they were armed with camcorders and cellphones and they were armed with guns!

This "I Donate Plasma" group is no different than 911 first responders, I can scream "HELP HELP HELP!" until I am blue in the face and I just get ignored.
I can see why my wife and her lover and his buddy's brag on audio death threats because NO ONE CARES!
Talking to this group is just like talking to 911 first responders, they just ignore everything I say!