Poisoned Plasma Donor Denied Medical Treatment At Hospital

My wife Joan Wagar and her lover the police officer Eric Carlson were having an affair and were poisoning me when I was a plasma donor.
The hospital refused to treat me or take my complaint and refused to take a toxicology test because of my wife's affair with a Portland police officer.
Eric Carlson's relatives in law enforcement spoke with my doctor in the hallway at the hospital and I heard them from my E,R, room telling my doctor to cover it up!
I was so badly poisoned I could hardly walk or talk and at that moment I believed I was going to be smothered to death and I just wanted out of there after that!
My 911 calls and emergency visits to the hospital have been covered up by the pol.ice so I have no way of getting emergency services at all!
Police are murderers in Portland Oregon and they deny their victims help, one cop wants me dead so they all want me dead to cover his butt!
My wife was using antifreeze in my coffee cup and she was poisoning pills!
WifePoisonedMe WifePoisonedMe
46-50, M
Dec 16, 2012