Poisoners Confessions And Hospital Cover Ups In Writing

My wife Joan Wagar was hiding an affair with a Portland police officer named Eric Carlson, Eric Carlson was almost a twin to me and my wife and her daughters and her coworkers were calling him by the nickname Doubleclick because of his resemblance to me!

After I caught the two of them together my wife pretended to be sorry and she was poisoning my coffee cup and coffee pot afterwords!
Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar were not hiding there affair from other people and they were not hiding there motive for murder, after my wife started poisoning me my wife's coworkers and Eric Carlson himself started calling my wife by the nickname Mrs Dash!

I was a regular plasma donor at the time my wife Joan Wagar A,K,A, Mrs Dash was poisoning me!

To be poisoned is to be debilitated and immobile, I was bedridden because of the pain I was in, and I had to rely on Mrs Dash to take care of me, needless to say the poisoner kept me ill with continued poisonings!

I found one of Eric Carlson's love letters he wrote to my wife Joan Wagar and they are using those nicknames!

In March 2006 Joan Wagar wrote a denial letter and she is openly lying in her denial letter, almost everything in Joan Wagar's denial letter is a lie including Eric Carlson and Shannon's appearance and true employment, there both cops!

In late 2006 I was so badly poisoned and at the complete mercy of Mrs Dash she was having fun writing signed confessions and throwing them at me knowing there was no one I could hand it to that cares!
My vision was so bad at the time I could not read it so I just put it in my pocket and forgot about it!
I was bedridden when Joan Wagar through this signed confession at me!

This is video of Eric Carlson and his buddy's in law enforcement waiting in ambush outside my apartment at 5:45 am and my wife Joan Wagar was with them!
I opened my door to take my dog across the street to potty my dog, as I opened my door I noticed a man in a cap dive behind the van and trailer across the street, suspecting it might be my wife's lover I turned out my lights and grabbed my camcorder and sat down on my couch next to my dog and aimed my camcorder over at the trailer to try to see who it was!

The next thing I know my wife's lover Eric Carlson steps in front of my doorway and he was holding a camcorder and a gun in his right hand!

Eric Carlson was hiding on the stairs next to my doorway, and Eric Carlson walked over to the street and made a hand signal to his partner Shannon and then Eric Carlson walks down the center of the road to the right!

As Eric Carlson walks down the center of the road he uses his left hand to grab his gun which is next to his camcorder!

After a minute to my shock and horror another person was hiding on the stairs next to my door, I did not realize at the moment who it was I had to look at my own video later to see who it was, it was my wife Joan Wagar, and she was using her cellphone to record with and she had a gun as well hidden in a shirt in her left hand!

Joan Wagar walked at first wanting me to recognize her, and then she bolted in a run expecting me to get mad and chase after her, but I did not realize who she was at the moment this all happened, it all happened so fast!

After a minute or two later Eric Carlson's partner Shannon reveals himself and he don't even bother to hide his face from me or my camcorder and he was talking to a female officer that was to my right!

They are discussing what just happened and they did not care that I know they were going to ambush me, and as the female officer walks away Shannon walks to his car and then gives me a hint he wants me dead before he drives off!

The Documents below are courtesy of the Portland police and the OHSU hospital, they are threatening me with arrest if I give my wife Joan Wagar's signed confessions to a hospital and they are threatening me with arrest if I seek medical treatment!

Sgt Walker of the Portland police does not want anyone knowing Joan Wagar is a poisoner so Sgt Walker is threatening Joan Wagar's victim, threatening me!


A Sgt Walker of the Portland police is the one I emailed my wife's signed confessions to and these documents were emailed to me from the OHSU hospital and by the Portland police.

They already know my wife Joan Wagar is a poisoner and they know I was suffering from internal bleeding from being poisoned and they are just ignoring those facts!

A cop was having an affair with my wife and he referred to my wife Joan Wagar by the nickname Mrs Dash in love letters and here is proof the Portland police do not want me sending copy's of my wife's signed confessions to a hospital!

This is enough to know the Portland police want me dead!

The documents below are proof that when I call 911 I still cannot get help, I was poisoned the day these documents were made by the Portland Adventice hospital, I called 911, and to my surprise Eric Carlson and three other Portland police officer's responded to my 911 call, I did not realize it was him at first until I noticed his other buddy's grinning like Cheshire cats!

The police ignored everything I said they did not want information they did not allow me to explain my 911 call, and as the ambulance came I just went to the ambulance and caught in asking to be taken to the hospital!

I tried to explain to the man in the ambulance that I was poisoned and he told me not to talk about it with him, he said I needed to talk to the police about it!

I told him I already tried they don't want my info, and the man ignored me, as we got to the Portland Adventice hospital the man in the ambulance lead me into the E,R, and lead me into my E,R, room, and as I stepped into it I noticed it was not a normal E,R, room at all it was a security room!

As I turned to ask the ambulance man what's going on I am met by four hospital security guards at the doorway!
I was being treated as a criminal at this moment, I demanded to know what the meaning of this was, they ignored me and ordered me to get undressed and to surrender my backpack to them!

I tried to hand them the cup that was poisoned telling them they need to test it for poison, they refused to take it!
I surrendered my backpack and my cloths and got into their hospital apron and then a female doctor came in, I tried to explain to her I was poisoned and I need them to do a toxicology test!

The female doctor smirked and said she wont be doing any toxicology test, and I asked her why, and she said "Because you are accusing a police officer of poisoning you!" and she left the room!

I was ordered by the security guard to lay down and I did, and after ten minutes went by I told the security guard I need to wash my mouth out I can still taste the poison in my mouth can I use the bathroom, and he gave me permission!

When I came back to my room the doctor came in along with a security guard and demanded that I put my arm out for a shot, I asked what it was for and she said they are taking a blood sample, I noticed right away that there was a yellow liquid in the syringe, she gave me the shot and did not take any blood at all, so she lied to me about the shot!

I waited in my E,R, room for another twenty minutes and then the female doctor came back and she demanded that I take a pill, I refused but she demanded anyway, so to shut her up I took it and just left it in my mouth until she left and I spit it out on the floor in disgust!

The cup that was poisoned was still in my E,R, room it is the only thing the security guards did not take from me!
After 45 minutes went by the doctor came in and told me I am free to go and handed me these paperwork, I did not have my glasses with me at the time and therefore could not read any of it!

I was released from the hospital, no one took my information, no one asked me what my 911 call was for, no one allowed me to say what it wrong, no one asked me what symptoms I was suffering, no one asked me if I was in pain, No examination was taken, they took no vital signs from me, and no toxicology test was taken!

My wife's lover the cop Eric Carlson and his buddy's responded to my 911 call, and the ambulance person just lead me to a security room at the hospital and I was denied emergency services because my wife was having an affair with a cop!

When I got home I got my glasses and started to read the paperwork the doctor gave me and noticed they are pretending mental illness, there was no mention anywhere on there paperwork that I reported I was poisoned!

I was very pissed at this and the next day I went to the Portland Adventice hospital to file paperwork of my own to get actual signed documents from the doctor, and on the actual signed document by the doctor she admitted I reported I was poisoned,

My 911 emergency call was covered up, I was poisoned, my wife's lover and his buddy's responded to my 911 call! how in the hell am I supposed to get help when my wife's lover responds to my 911 calls!

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CBS Reality TV cover quite a bit of investigative journalism.

Thank you for your reply, unfortunately news media has been trying to cover this up by ignoring the situation.

The only news media that has publicized these crimes is at this link.


This site is only telling a small part of the story and does not want to get into the details of it.

No other news media will responded to my emails and none try to contact me, I have emailed people almost daily over this and I get completely ignored.