I remember when the red cross came to my high school for the whole donating blood thing. I was so excited I was like yes, i'm going to help someone out today!! And then I started hearing about people who were turned away because of iron deficiency and what not garbage. I was worried, I was like no! I want to help someone today!! When my turn came, I felt high. I was pumped, I was ready to DO IT. And then the stupid nurse told me my heart was beating ten beats too fast.
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I would rather be turned away than donate blood that could possibly harm someone and the blood centers are looking out for your health, that's why you couldn't donate. There's guidelines for a reason.

but not all of the guidelines are valid. like the idea that no gay man can be expected to have clean blood. digusting preconception

yeah, if it's been over 7 years and you have no symptoms then you don't have mad cow, end of story.

Yeah Nobody in my family is allowed to donate blood either. They say its because we lived in Germany for four years back in the late 80s and we might have mad cow. SOUNDS like a valid reason but A) we lived on a military base and B) I think we'd know it by now if we had mad cow. I mean, I guess its a good thing that they don't want to give other people mad cow (lol) but its sounds a bit hokey to me.

Hey, at least you can go back later and try again. The Red Cross has a policy against gay blood that extends to anyone that's had sex with a man whose had sex with a man. I hate those ads "blood, it's in you to give" etc, then they turn around and refuse soooooo much blood for no valid reason at all. What happens if I need a blood transfusion and there isn't enough available in my blood type becuase they won't let me get blood from perfectly healthy people? I say if they are going to tell me 'no' then they shouldn't be advertising to me about it!