Helping Save Lives Is An Amazing Feeling.

i have donated blood once, about a month and a half ago. i plan to continue donating, as often as i can (every three months). i had always wanted to donate blood, but had always been too scared as i have a fear of needles. i had never needed a blood test, but didnt even handle immunisation needles well. i always said that i would donate blood if they would put me to sleep to take it. then there were bushfires in Victoria, and ongoing blood donations were needed to look after the victims. it was then that i decided i had to help. i somehow managed to get over my fear of needles, in order to help others. and it felt amazing. each donation helps save up to three lives. knowing that an hour of my time could give people back their lives is amazing. i've got plenty of blood, and im willing to share. after all, i dont need it all, and there are some people out there who will benifit from it immensely.
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Thanks E .. =)

Every 56 days? Over here we're only allowed to donate every 3 months.. But i think i would do it every 56 days if i could! and well done to you for doing so!<br />
and i agree, i think its a great way to give back to the community.. I figure i've got plenty of blood, and i might as well use it to help people if i can! and i also get a lot out of it too, just by knowing someone, somewhere will benefit from my donation..<br />
take care :)

Well you are doing a good thing! I give every 56 days! I figure its one way I can give back to the community!