Drop and Shop

I really enjoy de-cluttering, cleaning, organizing and purging old / unused items from our house and our lives.  It makes me feel good to know that I don't have hoards of things that don't fit, aren't needed and are just taking up space.  I almost always have a bag going, of items that are destined for Goodwill.  Every couple of months we drop these bags off.  Having a growing toddler means having a lot of clothes & baby items that are no longer needed and I like to see them going to people and households that can make good use of them.  

I also do what I like to call "drop & shop."  I drop off the items we don't need, park the car and go inside to shop for new things that we do need.  Goodwill is the greatest place to find treasures...especialyl for clothes for our toddler.  I am talking brand-name clothes in perfect condition...shirts for $1.50...pants for $3 or less.  And my son LOVES LOVES LOVES books so much that he already has quite a collection (he's almost 2 yrs. and has almost 250 books!) so Goodwill is a FANTASTIC place to find new old books for him...for 50 cents each! 

I love Goodwill.  I love that they will come by and pick up larger quantities of stuff and larger sized items.  And it's all tax deductible. 


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2 Responses Mar 27, 2008

I can't get rid of books!!!!!!! Unless they happed to be old, cheesy books that people have given me that hold no sentimental value to me. But mostly, I keep all of my books and we have TONS. My 2 yr. old already has almost 250. He loves his books, too!

This has become a necessity for me. Getting rid of the old so new things can come into my life. My worst problem is getting rid of books - they are my best friends in the world. But, they are heavy, gather dust and take lots of room. I must have a thousand of them. They are now in boxes because I moved and hauled them clear across the US - not very economically wise.