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My name is James and i am a documentary film maker in london, i have spent the last few months going back and forth from Iran researching for a film i am making for the BBC. Its called the price of life and asks the question should we legalise and regulate the sale of human tissue in this country, in a similar way as they have done in Iran.

I really wanted to get you opinions on this, do you think it is a system that could work in the UK? would it help the waiting lists for transplants? are our opinions about this dated and old fashioned?. Iran has an 89% success rate, much the same as the rest of the world and zero waiting lists, their cadaver donation programme has increased dramatically and they have all but eradicated the black market organ traffickers, their system is far from perfect, but can we learn from it?

For the film i would really like to speak to someone who has experienced transplant tourism, someone who has traveled to get their surgery, also someone who has either paid for or been paid for an organ. i know the legalities surrounding this and can assure you that you can remain anonymous

I know this is a difficult subject for many to discuss, but its more to me than just a film, its something close to me. we all know the massive issues with the transplant waiting lists in the UK and i am tired of the subject being swept under the carpet, i want to get the subject out there so it has to be acknowledged and discussed.not everyone will agree with the idea of legalising human tissue, but my hope is that it will shine a much needed light on the entire issue.

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