I Wanted To.

This was something I always swore I'd do, if I ever got my hair cut, but I always swore I'd never cut my hair after what my mom did to it in 2001.  When I was twelve, I had been batlling head lice for about three/four years.  I could never get rid of it because my hair is a louse playground, thick, long, and curly.  Everytime I'd get rid of lice, some other kid would give it back to me.  My mom was so fed up with having to deal with it, she took me out on the front porch and chopped my hair off into a short bob.  I looked horrible, because my hair is so poofy.

After that, I never wanted to get it cut again.  I swore I'd never.  Well, lately I've been going through this finding/expressing myself stage, so I went in to get highlights and ended up getting about 10 inches of hair wacked off.  Before he did it, I asked him if I could donate to locks of love, because that is what I wanted more than anything.  He told me that I could not because my hair was color treated =[  I felt so horrible that all that hair was wasted when someone could have benefitted from it.

urbrandofheroin urbrandofheroin
22-25, F
Mar 5, 2010