Like A Lucid Dream

I did DMT at a barter faire a few years ago. My trip was indescribable, but had all the cliche elements (met God, learned the secrets of the universe, can't describe any of them, etc.)

The important thing to remember is that DMT is produced when you dream, although typically in much smaller quantities than you ingest recreationally. When you're done, the things that you saw should carry no more weight than any other dream you've had, it'll just seem much more vivid and lucid than normal dreams (because you begin in a conscious state).

In the end I feel that doing DMT was enlightening, non-threatening, but still would not recommend it to most people (the weak minded, the nervous, the fear prone). Have fun, and be safe.
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i thought that dmt in the brain thing was still just a theory? im hearing it sold as fact more often these days.

Read DMT, the Sprit Molecule, it is a scientific and based on 60 volunteers getting DMT injecitons. the author, Ricj Strassman is an expert in brain chenmistry and posits the Penal gland is responsible for DMT regulatiuon in the body. Near Death and Enlightnening experinces share the same paradigm as DMT induced experiences.