This Is What I Wrote After..

i dont remember things in order.

the temple was divine.

death, fear, then I tell myself I need to be strong. I become strong without

noticing the transition, a

a giving in

to leaving behind the only reality i've ever remembered knowing

everything becomes fractals before I leave reality completely

being guided kind of through different stages of crazy beyond

almost dancing tauntingly itself an overtly sexual fractalic being dances and peaks out of the symmetry

then i'm

looking up at a constantly morphing tunnel of otherworldly energies

sometimes pillar or temple or pyramid-like

sometimes beings twisting up into the abyss of infinite possibility

towards even further reaches than i could possibly fathom or imagine

and I giggled and made twisted faces in wonder at how much it defied the reality I'd always known

as I slowly knew I was returning to my body

and the reality it's anchored to,

the tunnel/temple/energy pillars became a womb-like blanket wrapping around me


and I was back in the world of the mundane,

somewhat disoriented and

much older than when I left,

and  with a vague map to some kind of inner greatness

i know now that there is far more to what exists than inside this reality

how far I can or am destined to go is yet to be seen

but having glimpsed a shard of the realms far beyond human comprehension

is strangely comforting

i know this is divine


paradoxical paradoxical
22-25, F
2 Responses Mar 13, 2010

Wow! How beautifully described

COOL... I have many times tried to document experiences, words just dont have the depth but I enjoyed yours.