See Ya Later?

Honestly, I only think about alligators when I see one.  And seeing as how I live too far north for them to roam wild, I don't see them often! 

I'll consider one briefly when I see an image; I'll contemplate one for a moment when I notice this group.

Otherwise, it's see ya later, alligator.
Plaid Plaid
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1 Response Mar 11, 2012

We live in alligator-land. My wife goes walking in a park and takes her film camera...she got a really good picture of a 7-footer. They are surprisingly timid for a giant beast that can rip your arm off.<br />
The warmer the weather gets here, though, the harder it is to get close.<br />
We went camping in 100-degree heat once, and as I was walking back from the bathroom in the morning, I hear "HISS!" *splash*...<br />
I could see from the bubbles one had been sunning itself behind where our tent was and had been startled into the lake.

Yikes! I'm thinking it'd behoove you to think about alligators a great deal then! No idea they were actually timid-- the image I've gotten from TV is of a more aggressive beast.

Not unless some dummy feeds them! Gators aren't bright enough to grasp the difference between "people give me food," and "people are food."