Think I Might Join

Im seriously thinking about not adding any more guys I'm sick of their accusations and thinking they can dominate and intimidate me. Sorry that just fires me up ask my parents I have a smart mouth on me and I'll go off. Maybe I'll turn lesbian for a while and give ******* men a wide berth
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6 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Can't trust those 21 yr old boys to understand you yet.

I like this I have one like you here in my 18 yr old granddaughter that will say what she thinks and it get her in trouble at times, but she does not let anyone just push her around, she is a person a young lady and no person female or male should let them selves be pushed around.

I block first sign of any crap lol it stops it :)

I don't think you need dominating... yet and only a weakling tries to intimidate, but girls with smart mouths get spanked, so beware of the consequences of your actions.

I get a weird one once in a while too. Last one i tried to be polite to in telling him that he went to far and I got a so do you want chat or is that a **** off. I would have kept chatting with him if it wasn't for that. Since he asked I told him it was a **** off and blocked him. Idiots. LOL

I would block, block, block

I can tolerate most. It's when u don t do what they want and they get nasty and personal

Well usually I find some of the older ones r more respectful at least. I believe in giving people a chance and not judging them straight away

There is no reason for anyone to be disrepectful. I am a older guy and nice but I would blame your for Banning guys if you have been treated poorly.