If You Want Me to Add You...

Why not comment my stories or something first?  Get to know someone before you just add them to your circle.  And like most of the other females in this group, I'm more selective with males.

ChevyGirl ChevyGirl
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13 Responses Jun 19, 2008

Awww. : P <br />
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Either way it was/is funny! : P

Although I suppose I'm pretty cool too :-P

Well I meant you, not me :-P

lollll! : P

Yeah, I agree :-)

Me too! Even though we don't see eye-to-eye on everything and I get a bit frustrated at times... (sorry!) You're still pretty cool! : )

Well, I'm glad you added this male as a friend :-)

I don't base everything on gender... and I thought I was weird but apparently I'm not the only one who looks through the whole profile! : P <br />
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I'm just more cautious when it's a male.

I do the same thing as vini. I look at our mutual experiences...if we have a lot, I add them.<br />
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I don't base it on their gender though.

I do the same but it's still hard to tell sometimes.

Its probably impolitic, but I do peek at their top experiences and stories...just to try and get a feel for who he/she is.

I generally do. However, online is a bit different. I've been here a while and have had some problems in the past with males. You can't really get a good or a bad vibe from a picture or profile like you can in person. Most of my friends online and offline are males. When someone adds me I want to know why, be it a male or female.

I tend to give everyone a shot. You can't judge people based on the mistakes of others of their gender, can you?