Well when someone adds me to their circle I take the time to check out their profile.
If there is anything I see there which catches or ‘grabs’ my attention then they are definitely in.
But all too often, all I find a very long list of chosen experiences… but no written actual experiences.
A large number of friends… - which I find hard to get my head around, how someone would have the time or energy to stay connected to so many people. (I hate crowds – a fear of getting lost in a crowd)

No profile picture – darn you could post a picture of something….anything in fact.

No pictures or promise of a picture if I add you.

And last but not least the MORE - All I see is when the person was last on line…. And the date they joined EP.

I NEED MORE…….. lots more before I’m going to hit the add button…

Sorry that is just how it is….
Alexandra4u Alexandra4u
41-45, F
6 Responses Aug 30, 2014

i dlove to chat so u can know me and add me, please message me if u like to x

Not a bad set of rules, as far as rules go.

I have just had all my stories removed by the EP police!

Join the club.... each time I post I feel like I'm already looking over my shoulder....

I wouldn't mind but they have been on here for a couple of years at least!

Hope to see you add me soon, can't message you or write on WB for now

I see I'm not the only one to unfold the "more" tab and check the numbers... Especially if they're friend collectors (oh yeah, about that... Lol)

Added you, enjoy checking out my profile