I'm Sorry!

I have more fans listed, than those who are actually in my circle. I'm sorry, people. But, I just don't add everyone or anyone. I'm not a name collector. Those with blank profiles, I just don't trust to add. Also those who have a lot of sexual groups and stories on their profiles. It doesn't matter if the person likes the same movie or video game as I do... that's not getting an add. And some, I get very bad vibes from and I will not add them. :-/

I have a pretty huge circle and not looking for more to add. BUT, if a nice and awesome person comes along, asking for an add,  I will. :-)

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1 Response Mar 11, 2009

I feel the same way, though I often get "fans" that, after reading their profile, I'm still confused as to why they would add me because we don't seem to have a thing in common.