I'm Sorry I Haven't Added You

I have tried to add as many people as i really feel I am a fan of. If i'm going to say i'm someone's fan then I think I should really mean it. i should enjoy their posts and get something from reading them, sometimes I don't know a person but will add them on the strength of one story if they are in some groups that make me feel we could have some important things in common.

I'm sorry to all those I have not added to my circle.. you are welcome to keep me as one of your favourites if you like. I am sorry if i didn't get around to really checking out some members profilesproperly.. I know some members just have so many stories that it is a long job to got hrough and read a decent number of them.

I have 1000 groups now so it is a bit of a long job finding out what things are important to me. Sorry, I'll try to not add more groups than I have now. I will be deleting some groups so I can add others to keep the number of groups at 1000.

TheLuckyHobo TheLuckyHobo
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4 Responses Apr 28, 2009

You already added one of my profile's, lunnas. You don't have to add them both, I would've asked you to add me back if I really wanted you to (of course you can if you want to, that's entirely up to you) There's not so many people add me and ask to be added back.. most adds I get are just people adding me as a favourite author/contributor and not sending any message.. (which they are perfectly entitled to do- this IS still supposed to be a first-person true stories website, isn't it?) I presume that means they are a fan and just want to be able to see when I post on the site, unless they actually write to me and say Hi and ask me to take a look at their profile and add them back. Of course it is quite impossible to get to know everyone properly anyway.

i feel the same way . some get so upset if you dont add them<br />
some people you just get bad vibes from . <br />
i just cant add every one sorry . iam not mad at any one <br />
i like adding people that i have something in comon with . its not a popular constest with me<br />
i like people with values funny sents of humor things like that . so dont get upset <br />
i cant please everyone . iam just being honest .

I feel blessed that you added me as a friend, and it has been an honor to have had the privilege of knowing you!

Im thinkin' to delete some friends in my circle that I have never talked to. <br />
I normally dont add everyone who has become my fan if their profiles seemed not so good to me<br />
I should delete some groups too ;)