I Like To Know About You

this is how i feel iam only being

honest ,I like to know you . dont you want to know a little something about me?

i dont mind sharing how i feel about things . iam am only writting

how i feel . have values and i wont add somepeople

no pics , no storys , nothing about you , no adding you as my friend.

i dont like cyber junkies , or if you have nude pics .

i like to see what people think about my blogs

i like reading your storys and your blogs even if i dont always agree

with you but its ok . i email my friends back i like to talk with diffrent people

i enjoy metting new friends . I dont understand why this story is concerted spamed?

iam only writting what i feel and i do agree with some of you about adding

people . dont take it personal if i dont add you . i dont always add people it just me

iam not a person to see how many friends i can get on here iam just me and stating

how i feel about adding pepole . i dont mean to effend anyone so please understand

i like adding people that i have things cominon with ok? iam honest i try to live every

day to the fullest and i dont worry about not adding everyone i dont expect everyone to add me

or like me and its ok . every is diffrent why they add people and thats ok too

hey i dont have a break down if you dont add me . if you have nude pics or kinkie stuff

on your profile its ok it what you like i may not agree but thats me . iam just me

i say whats on my mind iam too wise to get all upset over stupid stuff . this is a cool site

for one and all and there are many diffrent kinds of people on here .

lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
4 Responses Mar 10, 2010

yaph. i agree with u, n im a new one here..need looking for other n yahh. if like me, i add them.

You tell em Lunnas =)

a cyber junkie is some one that talks sexually gets off while talking sexually<br />
iam not into any kind of sex talk .