Are Nudists Perverts?

I like to think not. Any respectable nudist will also respect others rights to remain clothed. I am glad to see Emptyheart started this group. I hope I can remain in your circle.

Many people think I must be a perv because I am a nudist. No, I will not come onto anyone, and if you are a young female, and you want to be my friend, no. Not worth it. I have gotten many requests for "friends" and notice their profile is nothing but pervy stuff. No. Will not join. Now, if they have a little bit, and seem to be respectful, OK.

So, hopefully I am not seen as a perv.

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Yes it is sad that so many people associate the two. I like the common saying that nudism is sensual not sexual.

I can be when I want to be. Do not worry. And you darlin, are perfect just the way you are. Smooch

You are most certainly not a pervert nudeone! I am a little pervy though, hehehe! ;-)

Cupcake, <br />
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Thank you. That brings to mind that there is a distinct difference between nudism and sex. It may be hard to believe for some, but it is possible to be nude in mixed company and not want to screw all over the place. Unfortunately, some people think because one is comfortable taking their clothes off means they want to jump in bed. <br />
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I am just comfortable without the restraints of clothes. Sex is something I keep between my wife and I.

Of course I would respect the seating protocol in your house. Seems to me, you wish to have multiple la<x>yers between the booty and the cushy, so I will need to remain standing, holding both my beverage and yours. (I can be such a gentleman, can't I).

You aren't a perv. You're just nekkid all the time and I know you would respect the seating protocol in my house! ;-)

Rat, <br />
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No offense taken. Labeling or judging should not be done, yes. And we are all far more than we appear outwardly, hopefully. <br />
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BB, Thank you dahling. I like you too. Smoooches.

Sorry, I did not mean that to come out as an attack on you nor to imply that anyone here was a bully. I was just offering my opinion about labeling ANYONE as a 'pervert' not just me personaly. Perhaps my language was a bit faulty as well. my apologies.

Rat, <br />
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I do not believe I have addressed you personally or focused upon you, nor have we ever had issue to the best of my knowledge. You may be a nice guy for all I know, or you could be really twisted to my already skewed sensiblities. I have not judged you, nor condemned you. We all have our pervs, and we do not need to allow everyone into our space if we do not want. There is nothing personal here. <br />
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I wish you well in finding a good network of like minded people, or people who fill your needs as they may be. That is all that is going on here, no bullies, no issues, so I am sorry if I have offended you by my membership in this group, or adding you as a friend even though I do not believe we have ever crossed paths.

As I've said, perversion is in the mind of the beholder. Just as you think what you do is normal(when as you well know others do not), why can't you cut me the same slack?<br />
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And just because I may be a bit on what you consider the 'pervy' side, doesn't mean that I'm not a nice guy. I respect other's boundaries and opinions and I'm just looking for a bit of the same from them.

You are in the club. Or are you now outed and in the club. Welcome to the textiled impaired. <br />
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I am supposed to be on a boat on the river this afternoon with a boatload of nudists, but it is raining. I hope that does not dampen our fun too much. Come along if you can.

Nudists are people who don't like to wear clothes. Count me in! :)

Thank you lovely, you have a beutiful heart.<br />
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Kisses. (And not in the pervy kinda way)

You're not even close to a perv! Love ya!