Pretty Open Minded

I am generally a very laid back, easygoing, non-judgemental person. What you prefer to do in your sex life is your business. I have friends that are gay, bisexual, and even swingers. However, if you email me to talk about how you like to pee your pants or because you read my story about having big boobs and want to see are barking up the wrong tree! I do write personal things here on EP about sexless marriage but that does not mean I am hard up for sex or I am a lonely MILF who's looking for a little fun. I do not add people to my friends list without checking them out first. So if your already on that list passed EH's test!


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3 Responses Mar 26, 2009

I have never understood those who feel the need to say that they want to see a woman's boobs. I've yet to meet a straight man who doesn't. As well confess one's desire to drink water and eat food.

That is so cute, nudeone.

You may not be a MILF in my book, but a MILTBFW (Mom I'd like to be friends with). I already have my own MILF, and I am married to her.