I Try Not to

But there were people I thought were perverts at first and turned out to be really nice. So I try not be judgmental, I read some stories and then decide.

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@ ratdog: my point exactly, not everyone talk the same way, and judging people by their appearance is not fair.<br />
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I am sure you are a nice guy

Just because I'm a bit on the pervy side doesn't mean that I can't be a nice person too. As long as folks can respect eachother's boundaries there's no reason why you can't be friends.

I have someone on my circle who likes to flirt, I told him I don't flirt and he apologized and never bothered me. So I didn't delete him.

I once added a person to my circle of friends who turned out to have a fetish for urine. <br />
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I emailed them and told them in a nice way, I was not interested. Then I deleted them. <br />
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I should have read their experiences and stories, before I added them.