Whoever does agree with this Quote, 1, should not be a parent, and 2, is seriouslly messed up in the damn head! I mean, how the hell would you like it if, someone told you, that you can be seen but not herd? I mean, come on? It makes no sense at all. Not to mention that it is just totally ****** up in everyway possible. I was told that when I was younger. It was not nice. It was not something that someone wants to be told. So No, I do not agree with it. I believe children, should be seen, and should be herd, because a lot of times, children know more of what is going on, than we think they do.

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My parents and Grandparents said the samething Children should be seen and not heard.

My parents said the same thing and god help you if you made a peep.I raised my girls to know they are precious and everything they do or think or say is important to me.Always.