I Don't Agree With Comment Deletion

As a caveat before say anything;
I do understand that comment deletion is sometimes necessary when a post is repeatedly spammed or a poster is ONLY insulting. The emphasis on only is there to distinguish between a post like “You are an idiot” from posts like “You are an idiot because…”
Incidentally, I am personally against the deletion of even insulting posts. Spam has to go though, it makes discussions unreadable and is a tactic employed strictly by the insane or deliberate trolls.

With that said, here is why I disagree with comment deletion:

- We have to take the OP’s word for it about the content of the deleted posts. I have personally had the opportunity to see posts deleted and subsequently see the OP misrepresent the contents of the comment.
- It tends to reflect badly on the OP as it is a form of censorship; this can be unfortunate when the OP is doing it for the right reasons.
- It removes a record of the post. The proof is essentially deleted.
- It is often used directly as a form of censorship.
- Too often a little harsh language or an insulting tone is used as justification to remove a post which contains significant relevant content. As some people get a little hot under the collar when they are disagreeing with views they find offensive, this can mean the deletion of a valuable polar opposite view.
- Sometimes insults are the correct form of response. If you stand by your views, it allows the readers of the posts to judge for themselves.

When comment deletion is used to silence opposing views, or when posters just don’t like being called on their views, it is the highest form of cowardice. The most egregious crime in this regard is to delete the post in question and then comment on its contents anyway. There can be no more cowardly, obnoxious or arrogant an act that to silence someone else, speak for them and then attack what you are claiming on their behalf.
While comment deletion exists for sensible reasons, I think its use should be as rare as possible an only under the most extreme circumstances. I am proud to say that I have never deleted a comment every and have no intention of ever doing so. I think it is a practice that we the online community should discourage as often as possible.
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1 Response Aug 11, 2010

I can understand your choice to delete and report. Personally I wouldn't do either but I can certainly understand the argument. <br />
<br />
By leaving it there anyone who readsit is most likely going to think of the person that wrote it:<br />
"What a complete *******!" :)