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There's plenty of Posts on domestic discipline..advocating it..so I am not advocating it...I believe it's humiliating and abusive...I'm proud to feel that way and can believe in what I want...as can they..

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There's a simple answer. Don't have a domestic discipline relationship. Did you not understand that it's consensual?

Thank you for your opinion and yes you are entitled to it.
I am in a domestic discipline relationship. My husband of 20+ years and I started this only this year. This is why. If we had arguments before they would last for days and many mean things were said. Now if I get too mouthy he disciplines me and it's over right there. Before I would do what I wanted when I wanted. Now I do what I'm suppose to be doing and helps keep the laziness away because I know he's watching. It actually takes a great deal of pressure off me to come up with the solutions in our world. He is the dominant one and will make last call. He does take my views into consideration but then decides. Now with that said ha nothing is my fault if it was wrong choice lol
He keeps me doing healthy things such as exercise and eating right. This is something he has always fought with me on. He does all these things because he loves me.
Before I actually worked in the same field as he did and made more than he did. It made him feel less of a man not having any control and caused many issues. Now he is the bread winner and the ultimate decision maker. If I don't show respect to his role than I deserve to be spanked. He deserves to be respected and I do actually respect him more that he does do something about my sassy controlling ways. We have never had a stronger connection.

DD is not for everyone at all. I am not submissive by nature and try to control too much. I also have an attitude at times, and i knew that constantly trying to be in control of my husband and family at the same time that he wanted control was not working. I researched and read a lot to find a solution, and I found DD. I approached my husband about it, and we have been living the lifestyle for about a year now. We still hit bumps, and I would say that it is just now that both of us are 100% committed. It is very different from the way we were both raised, but it is definitely helping me and our family. Now, one is the head of the household. I am not left out of decisions, but his word is final. I am beginning to tame my attitude and be more respectful of him. I am always warned before it gets to the point of paddling. I used to fight it, but now I obey and take my punishment because I have gone against our choice and have been an outright mean and nasty brat at that point. I get what I need because as I am being paddled, I think about and feel the pain I caused him and realize how it has divided my family. It also relieves stress and the guilt I have due to my awful behavior. Now, I sometimes I ask for it to keep myself in line. I just asked for it this morning because I wanted a pleasant Sunday, a loving Sunday with no brat appearing. The paddling is never cruel nor abusive. We go to our room, he tells me again what I have done wrong and how I did not heed his warning, I agree, drop my pants and panties, bend over the bed, and take however many swats I deserve from our paddle. When it is over, I reflect with him, and we can then move on. It works for me, but I can understand how many would not benefit and should not try it.

It wouldn't work for me because I feel absolutely no guilt with respect to how I treat my hubby, absolutely zero guilt here, in fact I Keats feel justified. Go figure.

Humor me for just a few and let me play the devils advocate a moment. Either side that is for or against, it seems that most women are attracted to strong men. Again I have to say "most" women, but not all. Some do like to have their boys that they can outwardly control. However all of this stems from the Victorian era where sexuality became politically suppressed. Before this event, such things that we consider kinky or taboo were the norm. It was a choice back then just as it is now, but did not have the negative connotation to which it has today. Regardless of it being right or wrong, it has emasculated men in modern society as compared to the historical past. Here again I point back to, most women are attracted to strong men. Are those women that are in favor of such kink are re-empowering the men to make them attractive as they once were? What would your thoughts be on this?

I don't empower no one but my daughters...my husband always seems confident enough but u r mistaken my friend...I clearly stated I do not support domestic discipline...a wife submitting is different. I support those who submit but I don't submit or whatever...I don't believe I need to empower men...they got to be strong on their own...maybe you can introduce these men that need empowered...to MRA..

I did not state that you supported domestic discipline, but rather asked that if you opposed it, what were your thoughts on the theory of that those that do support it are empowering men?


templeton; please refrain from referring to women as "*****". That is rude, demeaning and you owe an apology.

And the women think they should be disciplined because they have been bad..they really just don't seem like they can control themselves...It shows how a weak personality is taken over by a strong personality...which can go either way with women and men. A funny thing is that the men think they are dominant and in control when the wife initiated the whole practice.

You know just to really screw with your head there are DD house holds where the wife is in charge and the husband is submissive. There are also gay and lesbian house holds. My HOh is my female partner of 25 years yup that's us the lesbians. It's not an all or nothing thing, even for those who have chosen this lifestyle.

I think they should be free to live as they like so long as it is consensual AND without the use of implements.<br />
What I feel is very degrading and humiliating are the legions of groups on here that appear to suggest that ALL women SHOULD be disciplined or that ALL women SHOULD obey or that ALL men should lead. I believe that kind of thinking is MISOGYNISTIC and ABUSIVE!!!<br />
I think you are a brave soul for speaking out and you are entitled to your opinions just as they are theres.

I meant to say "theirs".

Awww, haha thanks.

Gumshoejane..... I am a domestically disciplines woman and I agree with you completely... except for my husband uses implements... but that's a small detail... you are right that this lifestyle is NOT for everyone. I am.submissive by nature and sometimes I fight.it.because of how the world thinks women should be.more dominant. .... but if a women does not desire to be submissive..
Then she should not have to