I Don't Care If People Attack Me Personally...

I don't understand it, but I couldn't care less what others think.   I think it's comical that someone would use so much energy to personally attack something that I say or do. A stranger, someone they don't know... and they are going to let my actions or thoughts ruin their day.  So, attack me, go ahead, but I think you are ridiculous for getting so overworked by something you can not control! In fact, you are giving me the control, seems counterproductive!Too much energy expelled in my opinion.  


TheOtherMe TheOtherMe
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3 Responses Mar 5, 2008


It all depends...On here I really don't like having personal abuse...after all, none of us are here for that...It's an 'experiences' thing...a social thing...rather than a war-fest...but when people say horrid things about you (and, in my case, about my daughter and I) then It deserves attention! <br />
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Choose your wars carefully, I think is the term...<br />
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But in general...yeah....life is too short...<br />
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Sammy Jo xx

I so agree. I wish we all could get along ... think of what we might solve.