I just did it so I guess that makes me a hypocrite! My best friends boy friend hit on me for two weeks behind her back (little did he know I told her each time because I love her to death and would never hurt her like that). He agreed to stay with her but put no effort into the relationship until she finally called it off, all the while pursuing me. The whole time I was giving him frosty attitude that he had the nerve to take as playing hard to get. We just confronted him together and he blamed us both, (of course!) Saying that I am a trouble maker and she is a loser, he played us both and knew it would go this way! Now my best friend is shy and sweet and loving and giving and oh so easily hurt. I warned this freak not to hurt her ages ago and he did anyway so I let him have both guns... fully loaded. I don't care what he says about me... I have had dirt a plenty thrown in my face before but he really got me mad when he tried to lay the blame for his two-timing, pimping, sleazy, disgusting ways at my friends door! So ya. I hate personal attacks. I think they are low and demeaning both to the attacked and the attacker, but you all will have to excuse me on this one... cause it felt great!

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2 Responses Sep 17, 2008

definitely don't feel hypocritical for that! You are a true friend and sounds like he deserved a tounge lashing.

I don't think your a hypocrite at all your honest and loyal to your friend. Sometimes you have to call a person out when they do something sleazy to you or someone you care about. It's good you told her I have known guys who will tell the girlfriend that her friend came on to him and turn the whole thing around and ruin the friendship between the two. My ex husband came on to my cousin and she told me right away. He had the nerve to blame her for it and say she was the one who came on to him. I know this was a lie and he proved to be a cheater in the long run anyhow he ran around with anyone else who would give him the time of day. So what you did was a good thing!