What's Up With That?

There are a lot of it going on here on EP and I have just reported someone who did that to me.

I have never thought I would report someone. I have never flagged anything and I have used the thumbs down only once. When I see a group I don't like or disagree with, I simply leave because I believe in freedom of speech and having different opinions. Likewise, when I state my own opinion, I try to be as level headed as possible and not condemn the party that I disgaree with.

So it disturbs me a lot when a person who disagrees with me took the time to personally attack me by posting a comment on a story I wrote here. I spent a couple of days thinking if I should report the person or if it was within his/her right to say what s/he said on the comment. I questioned my own motivation i.e. if I wanted to report only because I got hurt.

In the end I did because later I found out that this person commented on other stories from the same group, stating disagreement but without the vehemence that was apparent in the comment on my story. (The comment has since been deleted and I am glad nobody else has to see it. Thank you, Arsineh and the rest of the EP support staff.)

I didn't know nor have I ever come across this person before. If somehow I have hurt him/her, I wish s/he would come to me so I could apologize. But if what happened is based solely because s/he didn't like what I had to say then I think I've done the right thing.

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Cheers, friends.<br />
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Since then I have come across said person again, apparently s/he didn't remember what was done because we had a (lengthy) discussion over the fight s/he had with someone else on the comments of my other story.<br />
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It was pretty funny to me. In retrospect, perhaps it really was more about him/her.<br />
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Also since then, I have flagged quite a lot of questions and stories :) Just saying.

Just finding this post now June and I couldn't agree more. I just don't get why people do this. What's the point. If they don't like your point of view just move on.

I think the best thing to do is just delete comments you find inappropriate and ignore the person. I belong to many forums like this and I have never been convinced that reporting does any good whatsoever. In most cases it only takes a banned member 5 minutes to create a new account and continue their offensive behavior.

People just like taking the opportunity to be mean. It sucks…the true nature of some individuals is general misanthropic behavior. EP was designed to keep us safe from that…but it’s everywhere and leaching into our supposed safe haven. It’s best to be as thick-skinned as possible and ignore these people..However at the same time you want to scream “How dare you scrutinize and judge my feelings!? My emotions have just as much value as anyone else’s!” or the classic “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Best wishes to you. ((HUGS))

I used to do that, you know, ignore people who call names and all that.<br />
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Nevertheless I'm glad I did what I've done because when I wrote this story I realized that I have helped a little in that the person will think twice before s/he does the same thing to others here. That is what the support staff told me: They sent an email (of warning, I guess) to that person.<br />
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But yes, I value opinions from people like you more, the smiling and sexy gingerbread man :)