When people personally attack me. I feel it necessary to attack them back. Usually if someone asks you if you're ugly they are saying you are ugly. I mean that's not always the case, but I read into questions like that as personal attacks, and generally I personally attack people back. But I've had worse scenarios where people just didn't want to hear what I had to say so they'd say something horrible to me to make me get angry and upset just for lulz. :P

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People online feel so much freedom in being able to say what they want to without concern for others. Comments like that may feel innocent to some and can be hurtful to others. If they are asking that it seems like they don't know you and have never seen you so it is a throw away comment. This is where being true to yourself is important. I've learned that I what I think about myself is way more important what others think. If you are confident in yourself in a specific area it does not matter what others think or say. If it touches a nerve because struggles or doubts you have I've learned to be appreciate those comments. It lets me knows something inside of me need some attention so that I can become a even better person.<br />
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I have a tender heart so I feel hurt a lot, but it is good to recognize the difference between an attack and making assumptions. It is normal to read between the lines but since we are wrong more often than not, making assumptions is not fair or useful. If you add something to an experience just recognize it and don't identify that as a fact.<br />
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Instead of spending time worrying about what others think of you, spend time doing something that will help people. Even if others have bad things to say your light will shine through and eventually you will gain more respect and support from others. If it is obvious that someone is trying to hurt you, set boundaries with them. Let them know that to remain in connect with you they must do _______ and must not _______ otherwise they will not be able to get in touch with you.

I hate personal attacks, too.<br />
<br />
Like this one time,<br />
some guy stabbed me.<br />
<br />
Man, I hated that!<br />
I do not agree with personal attacks,<br />
especially if it involves<br />
inserting sharp ob<x>jects into me.

I hear ya'. I've found it helpful to just ignore, but sometimes it's SOOOO hard not to retort. I try to think that ignoring or deleting the comment is the higher ground . . . it sucks that people can be so mean on purpose.