Passed Without Being Read

Isn't wonderful we have leaders in our congress working for us to ensure our liberties are protected.  Wonderful that we have leaders who took an oath to uphold and protect the Consitituion above all else.

So wonderful that the proof of their following through with all of these things they pass a 1000+ page bill without reading all of it to understand what is in it and how it will affect the country in the future.

The Consitution of the United States was only a few pages long.  This document set up our country and our government can not write a bill or policy that can be understood by the average man. 

Grits4life Grits4life
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2 Responses Feb 14, 2009

They don't read them because they don't understand them. There was a senator on the news over the weekend reading parts of the bill and asked the anchor to explain to him what it meant. Neither one of them could. He made it clear this is why the bills are not read and looked into the way they should be because they are written to not be understood.

Leaders who can't or don't read. My guess is less that 2% of the 535 elites we've elected even read the Bill.