If You Support This War On Terrorism You Are Ignorant Or A Bloodthirsty Sadist

It is just mere propaganda for religious and political agenda. First off, I dont give a **** about your oil companies. Second, I dont care about your religious beliefs about some magic war in the Middle East. Its completely unwinnable. Its just two ends of the same end of the coin. Its just a bunch of Fundie Evangelicals using terrorism to fight Fundie Islamic Terrorism. Thats bullshit. Lets see, blame Afghanistan, so invade a country and kill innocent people who did nothing but being from a country that has a terrorist groups. While we are at it, invite Afghanistan into the USA and kill civilians, cause the KKK is from the USA. However that would be not fair to go and attack random Americans, just cause they happen to be from the same country as the KKK. We have not had any legitimate wars since WWII or possibly Korea. And you can tell, cause the WWII and Korea War Military has no douches like Vietnam, Gult and this current war on terror. And why is that? cause WWII was something worth fighting for, based on a real threat. Not some bullshit propaganda. OK, not everyone in the generation of wars are douchebags. But the most self righteous, staunch war supportin, anti-civilian ones are. First off, the invasion of Iraq was purely illegitiment. Those creeps of the Bush administration knew there were no weapons of Mass destruction, but they made that claim anyways. When they found none, the war changed itself to liberate Iraq. Yeah, great job. Murder, torture, and tyranny. And they wonder why there is so much violence in Iraq. I remember some dumbass on Youtube trying to silence anyone who opposed the war. Yes, he was part of the army. These hick punks said that the people in Afghanistan were trying to kill them. Well, I'd shoot someone too if they invaded my country with guns, and attacking our country. What do these idiots expect? "Welcome to our country, feel free to kill anyone you suspect" Utter Bullshit. This kind of trash is the bane of America.
There are only people who fight in this war
1) Those already in the military who could not leave, and actually give a **** about our country. They would not go if they did not have to deal with other responsibilities, when it comes to war, and have to make tough choices. So I know its not about avoiding arrest. Its about making the tough choice. I feel sorry for them, that they have to fight a cause they dont agree with, due to stupid Government Laws. And I respect them for wanting to defend this country. I think that most in the military are like that. The still respect civilians, and understand that those who stay back are just as important as they are. They are the true brave people who fight to reform the Military.
2) Those who were manipulated or drafted. I personally do not blame them. They did not deserve to get spat on. They should be personally served from the very scumbags who got us into war in the first place, and the scumbag recruiters. They lie, and make people think they are in for the experience of their life. First off dumbass recruiters, tell the truth. Dont manipulate people into doing something they probably dont believe them, and make people lifelong slaves to the man. You recruiters are garbage.
3) Call of duty sheeple. Those types who go due to some Government call of duty and patriotism. Bullshit, dont give me that doodoo and paytreatism ****. Its just propaganda to do duties that the GOVERNMENT tells you to do. Not duties to the American people. So what is this duty bullshit? These kinds of people know well that this war is ruthless murder. Hasnt anyone taught these people that being a sheeple is dangerous? I dont want to hear this bullshit about duty. So what am I supposed to say? Congratulations, your a sheep. So why dont I give you a treat, you killed brown people, good soldier. Seriously, if you are willing to kill people, just cause of some stupid Patriotic expectation, you dont deserve freedom. You are not the Governments pawn. But if you choose to be a Government pawn, shame on you.
4) Those who go to this war for money. Oh I dont know. You had a choice, and you went anyways, cause you could get in, and be paid. You know, they have a name for people who kill for money, yes, they are called hitman. Sorry to break it to you, your still a hitman, whether your in uniform killing brown people, or out in New York City killing white people. So dont give me that **** about income. Find some honest work where you are not killing innocent civilians. What kind of narcissist thinks money is so important that you need to kill others?
5) How about the most repulsive, those who go to war, cause they are bloodthirsty, hateful, xenophobic magots. Oh boy, these people deserve the biggest spitwads possible. There is nothing glamorous about getting pleasure from murder. Remember Sabrina Harman? That useless ***** and a couple other torturing cronies got pleasure out of torturing suspected Iraqis and Afghanis. While posing with dead corpses. Absolutely sick. We have names for these people. SADISTS, PSYCHOPATHS, EVIL, FROM THE BOWELS OF HELL. These people need swift execution, if they are torturing and killing the innocent just for kicks. And dont think this uniform is gonna save your ***. I can see past the Uniform, murderous, blood leaching piece of ****.

Then theres the whole Bush Administration. If it were up to me, Bush, Rice, Cheney and Rumsfeld would all be executed. Those war mongering, hateful, sadistic, bigoted, horrible pieces of **** have no business even being alive. They are responsible for so many deaths its not even negotiable. Those subhuman shitholes need to be thrown into a gas oven to roast for their crimes.

And another thing, dont think the Uniform automatically makes you a hero. Uniforms are just material. AND Sorry to number 3,4&5 you saw some traumatic stuff happen to your friends. Dont blame me, cause you can only stomach seeing brutality to brown people. Sorry you had to see white people get killed. But dont give me that bullshit about I dont understand, and we all need to bow at your shoes for your "Service". You knew you would see white people getting murdered too. So dont give me that **** about being a civilian, and not understanding doodoo. You have given us no freedoms, tax us like we have nowhere important to give our money to, and only help corrupt business and government grow. So thanks for nothing. So dont think that service to America justifies your sick, lowlife, sheeple, psychopathic, ways. And dont even think about lecturing me on morality, when you are just cowards, psychopaths, greedy and sheep.
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Very well put my friend.......this is also excellent.......http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/dec/08/psy-lyrics-anti-us-anger

LOL ...great story, love it!

Thanks, just hope the Neocons dont find this story

Well if they do..mail me...we will both blast them off this page!