I Dont Always Feel Good About Myself

I am a single mother i have been since 07 i came out of a hard relationship,i found it hard to make friends cause i spend alot of time looking after my kids,they spend there weekends with there dad from fri to monday, i find myself alone not knowing what to do,i haven,t felt good about myself lately and feel alone alot, cause of the relationship i had took alot of my self esteem away and drained me the person i was with made it hard for me to make friends now that i have this time to myself i find it hard making friends how and where do you make friends i am a good person i am kind so why am i alone.

sunrise34 sunrise34
31-35, F
3 Responses Feb 19, 2010

I chose a sort of a recluse life and am doing just fine. It is not all the time that friends will lift up your spirit but your own will and power will.

Well I hope I am not wasting my time with writing a comment on a year old story. I hope that you have been better since then and I am in the same boat. I feel that sometimes its a blessing to not have so many people who are so called friends because ppl are disappointing. Its harder to maintain a relationship when you are working on urself too,

I was married and have a son. I too spend most of my time with him. I was in a12 years relationship. During my marriage I lost all of my friends and find it very difficult to make new friends. I spend most of my free times being alone. This Christmas is especially hard on me. My son is spending it with his father and girlfriend and my family is away. I'm too ashamed to let anyone know that I lonely. I did asked Santa for a companion but I guess I been naughty. I hope you found new friends or are in a new and promising relationship.