For The Most Part

For the most part I do know who I am, but things are always changing each day. We grow, and mature all the time and things change. As things change I just take time to reflect and see how I have grown every once and awhile so I dont lose myself amongst those changes.
Arorin Arorin
22-25, M
14 Responses Jul 17, 2010

old spice? no why?

EEWWWWW. don't happen to use oldspice do you?

as long as the smell doesnt rub off your wings!

My hands are rather small and chewed up. May I use my wings and feet as well?

Remember to use both hands.

*fans large fuzzy ego*

A LOT* and yeah I am!

You are one step ahead of ALOT of people. I respect that.

Everything makes sense to me. I know everything there is to know.

Yea yeah...I followed you here. Very deep post. I like what you said. Stick to YOU and things will make sense in time.

most people have to find themselves before they can work on not losing themselves.

It's the feeling of not always having to know the answers, maybe, or that I have to know. In life there is always change, and with that could also be feelings of not feeling sure or certain. But we grow and to take time to reflect on that so that we do not lose parts of ourselves which we hold dear or true to ourselves, sounds good.

What feeling is that, and sure thing.

Hm...That is a good idea. Thanks for sharing the story, makes me feel a bit better and less alone in this feeling lol.