Not Always Necessary

It's just.....not always needed you know?  i feel like sometimes, the beginning of the sentence, or a word, does the trick and ppl understand if you look 'em in the eye and gesture [friendly gestures mind you].  Silence can say a lot, i think. some ppl CANNOT STAND silence, and this can irritate me. But sometimes when somebody tells me something, I don't respond with a sentence or even a word. It's not cuz i'm not listening or don't care, it's just I can't think of anything to say, or I don't feel like I have anything significant to say or add to what they'ev said...

Plus, I talk kinda quiet so it's almost like nobody really hears what I say anyway....


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5 Responses Dec 14, 2008

yeah, there are some feelings/emotions that i understand that i dont need to talk about them with a significant other to alleviate them. but they think you're still harboring something cuz you're not communicating across to them....

Yeah I also agree with you and I feel the same as Hekate, I had problems with my ex when I don't want to talk. I guess his emotions are more feminine than mine lol. He want everything to be talked about and understood immediately just so there are no hidden anger or something but it's just me and I just don't talk a lot.

to whiskerz: i'm a diesel mechanic in training and in need of a job. :)<br />
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to hekate: i completely understand. my brother rambles on and on about the stupidest crap, and all i do is listen and put in where i see fit--which is scarce. but yeah, it seems when you dont say a lot, ppl always think something's wrong with you...that's not always true though is it???

Funny and sad Hekate... :(:) lol<br />
I find myself in similar situations, I don't always wanna hear about your yeast infection or something ... bahahahaha

Hi there... I don't have anything significant to add here... but I feel you very much... :)<br />
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I wonder about your name though... work in an auto repair or something..??