Sometimes, I don't like to talk, but to listen. I do feel nervous in talking, worried about tripping over my words or sounding weird. So, if I can just stay quiet and listen for a while, I'm in heaven! :-D

But there are times when I want to speak! And on EP, my stories are many and my way of speaking out. But, there are times when I can just enjoy being in the presence of someones company and not say a thing! 

Though, I don't want them to feel like I'm not listening or that I am bored! That isn't the case. Mostly I am smiling like a nut, when I'm listening to Momo on the phone! ;-)

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7 Responses Feb 20, 2009

thanks shadow... you are very nice person... hugs* ^_^

i believe so, shadow! :)<br />
<br />
and sometimes you just can't put your feelings into words.

I am exactly the same way, its' like I want to talk but I don't because Im always tripping over my words - I just can't get it out the way I said it in my head. So mostly I just sit back and listen, which is fine

same here. i'm not much of a talker. i prefer to listen than to do the talking. i don't know. :)<br />
<br />
and yes, comfortable silence is just simply good.

hi shadow.. hope you are content. I feel the same. I rather listen or write poem then talking.. poem would help to describe my mood and feelings.. besides i am not good typing fast ...and i make mistake all the time. Hugs* ^_^

quiet is nice sometimes sometimes you run out of things to say!

Ah Shadow I can completely relate. And then there are those special times when you can be with someone and the silence is great - it's not painful, it's really, really comfortable.