Smile Though Your Heart Is Aching

     Yesterday was a bad day. I had to re-live something I had let go of a long time ago. I don't always need to talk about things. I don't always smile. I don't always want to be happy. The way I deal is different than you. If I can let it go, why can't you?

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LLLLL (((((((((((((((Hugs))))))))))))))

thanks mewold. and thanks to everyone. :o)

You are right, live, we all have to handle things the best way we can and we are not all the same. I think the comments were ment to help, even if they didn't all come across that way.

im not upset and i certainly meant no hostility. and i apologize if i came across that way. i cherish everyones opinion even if i dont agree. i think maybe i didnt word myself correctly. it was something that was brought up yesterday that was unexpected to me. it brought back what had happened. it was something i hadnt thought about because it sucks to think about. it hasnt effected me since i let it go. so yes, i was upset yesterday. im usually all smiles because im happy with my life. yesterday i was not all smiles and i just wanted to be left alone. so i was being interrogated for not being all smiles. EP is a place where i thought i could get it off my chest is all. no one here expect me to be a certain way.

If you let it go, why are you talking about it and bringing it up again here. When you let it go no matter what your personal process is.... its gone. It should not make you this upset and hostile if its gone. If someone brings it up ... no comment ... walk off.... If they need to talk about it for them, fine they can talk to someone else. <br />
Sending hugs and thoughts. Letting go is like grief for me. something I have to walk through but once done , it's done. I wish you peace

the great thing is, is that i am over it. it was just brought up unexpectedly. i was not prepared to have to deal with it since its something i let go so long ago. it was just something i didnt want to talk about is all. im fine today. and tomorrow i will be fine too. yesterday is gone and so are the bad feelings.

LLL ..... I am sure you will work it out in your own way... in your own time ......<br />
<br />
Hugs .....

but what if the way i deal with it works for me? and i will take a hug any day, regardless if im feeling pain or not. thank you salar. *MUAH*

Perhaps LLL .... If you raise the subject yourself more often then by doing so you it wont have the same effect, as when someone else raises it .<br />
<br />
Hugs ....

when something bad happens to someone they deal with it however they can. i dealt with what happened. it was a very, very painful experience. it would be an impossiblity to think about it and not feel something. i dont feel the same pain i did when it happened. but because i feel anything from it doesnt mean im not over it. yes, it still effected me when it came up yesterday. how could it not though? i dont understand how it couldnt. my life hasnt stopped because of it though. it didnt randomly pop in my head. someone brought it up. i dont understand what needs to be learned?

Time perhaps to acknowledge what you have or haven't learned from that experience LLL....... If remembering still causes pain then perhaps you haven't laid it out and looked at it from all angles to determine the cause and effect and perhaps the guilt which you still feel because of this experience .... time to face those fears and chase away these torments ..... Good Luck

it was already let go. i had never thought about it until yesterday. its been talked about, its been cried over. im over it. i dont want to go there again. that doesnt mean im not letting it go.

Hmmm - are you really letting it go? .... or are you just ignoring it? To each their own and I hope you are right ... but if you aren't, it will always come back around to haunt you until you deal. Best of luck. GJ