Eh, What's the Point?

No, don't get me wrong... I do change the sheets. =p

But... I sleep alone, so I don't wake up and fix the bed, normally. There is no point. If I had a soulmate, I would make the bed, for his comfort. As for me, it doesn't really matter. These are the habits of one living the single life, I think. Or maybe it's just my habit, of living single. ;-)

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5 Responses Mar 11, 2009

Unless the sheets have become unattached I leave it too.

I never do either. The only problem with it when you don't fix the blankets everyday eventually the sheet slides to the side and the blanket gets sideways and one day you wake up and the sheet is in a crumpled up pile at your feet and the blanket is upside down. :)

i don't always have a bed. lol

We usually do but some days there is no time and you are only getting back in it again, so why bother!

I feel ya. What is the point? I also don't vacuum under the bed because I am not a she-Hulk and like my brother said when he was little, "No one ever goes there."