this is actually as much a goal for me right now as trying to lose weight or drink water everyday. i have to constantly remember that it's a better way. i first heard this idea on dr. phil (ufff). i held onto it as a good quote but unfortunately didn't do enough to instill it in my life. he said "do u want to be happy, or do u want to be right?" that's powerful for me because i have many experiences in my life where being right hasn't necessarily made me more composed and content. it's something wonderful for me to aspire to...to spare myself the torment of arguing with someone, when surrendering to their way is just easier. at most for the sake of happiness. the more difficult thing about this though is not just what you give up as rightness, but what u claim as happiness. it requires us to redefine the experiences, moments, and events that make us happy. i don't want to be the person who gets happy when i always get my way or prove someone wrong. my nature is bigger than that...
TheRealMimi TheRealMimi
31-35, F
Feb 26, 2010