i cheated with this the other day. a sweet online friend of mine from libya is very much obsessed with learning english. he spent a lot of money going to a good american school and constantly corrects MY mistakes in grammar or spelling (lol english is all i speak). it's been cute. he actually speaks it well but is a bit anal about always getting it right. we had a fight the other day when i tried to correct something he had said. he argued with me about it, saying he was right and i was wrong but i refused to let him have it. it got into such a ridiculous fight and i left that conversation feeling so frustrated. i forgot about my whole not needing to be right thing. but if i had let it go then he would have thought he was right. and he was wrong. lol. ok ok ok. it's those philosophical things that i don't find hard to let go. like the existence of god or who loves who more. but factual things i find so hard say ok nevermind when i'm convinced i'm right. but i also don't want to be the person who needs to prove that all the time. that's an ego position, right? trying to give up ego. learning. learning. learning. uff. bf.
TheRealMimi TheRealMimi
31-35, F
Mar 7, 2010