So many times going out the gate,so many times coming in. That's the thought that came to me as I was putting my mother into the car for her umpteenth visit emergency room visit. I turned to close the fence gate and was greeted by the innocence that only a 3 year olds eye can possess. The kind of startling pierce that's almost supernatural ask and answer all the questions that were on my mind,and then peace.
The hospital ushers my mother in, immediately
places her on a gurney and starts attaching electrical lines from all parts of her body to monitoring machines that surround her emergency room gurney like silent robotic sentinels all emanating their very own unique sound and displaying physical information that it would take a medical Rosetta Stone to decipher.
Then a very strange thing happens. I'm given something I had long ago given up any hope of receiving. I never even thought about it anymore. My mother said "John you've been a good boy" The suddenness of the first saying out loud of her feelings caught me entirely in emotional disarray, I had been a good boy.
I brought her up to her room along with the nurse,who once making sure she was comfortable held my hand and gave me her rosary. This rosary that she had prayed twice a day she said she no longer needed because my father was there in the room with her. I knew that something was going to take place but I had found in the face of maternal forboding to watch for clothes. There were none. That's not entirely true her whole demeanor was of some one getting ready to set out on a trip. She kept lo. We KNEWoking at the corner and telling me that my father was waiting. My father had died in 1966 and this was 1984.

I went home and told my mother to be prepared for some news from the hospital. I knew that it would be to tell me she had left, Later on that evening the news came along with the Intensive care rooms addendum that one moment she had been talking and laughing and the next she was in cardiac arrest, It's was fatal. My wife and I actually felt great joy for her we KNEW she had gone to be with my father.

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Aug 16, 2014