I'm having a rather creeped out experience at the moment. There seems to be this religious that is using different screen names and adding me to their friends list. I added them to mine before I noticed an amazing similarity in their experiences and the use of a very dogmatic verbiage. I'm finding her subterfuge in the name of Jesus just an excuse for a obsessive religious I want no part of. I'm posting the names she's used with me in asking to be a friend: jazziemade, amazingandbeautifulgodseyes, and suspendedthreetimesforbeliefs. I'm going to block her from further acess from,at least my home page. I'm posting this as an EP shoutout to those who are being stalked by her and those who, like myself should have been paying closer attention to "Friend Request"
lifeisforfree lifeisforfree
66-70, M
Aug 19, 2014