Put Simply.. I'm Not Allowed To

I don't have many rules actually & most of them are for my own or the good of our family.  In the case of cyber, my husband has forbid me from using IM or other things like that because there are too many creeps that use this just to get their jollies & use the woman on the other end like a prostitute that they dont' have to pay for.

GSWife GSWife
4 Responses Mar 10, 2010

Well...not nice Escondido...<br />
If she choses not to participate, then that should be good enough.<br />
Her husband is right on.<br />
I would never forbid my wife to do anything, but I would point out my ob<x>jections loud and clear.<br />
This is not a dating site, so why do guys keep going there. There is a big difference in flirting and cyber sexting. IMHO.

Interesting points GS Wife.. I hpe you enjoy the forbidances and the allowances as well.. kiss

I realize that it's hard to understand a relationship where the husband is head of household but it is what we have found is best for us. I'm not allowed to do these things for my own protection & I'm happy that he cares enough about me to lead me as he feels is best. He is a good leader & very worthy of the honor.

Yeah, I'd have a problem with that whole "forbid" thing. You're perfectly capable of making your own decisions about who you chat with online, pretty much the same as you're perfectly capable of making your own decisions about anything. That your husband thinks he can "forbid" you to do anything, and that you would allow that, is the problem.