Not Always.

I'm not too keen on "mass gestures", because, hey, my feelings get in the way. But I do respond to some with a counter-gesture, depending on who they come from...
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4 Responses May 1, 2011

I'm the same make a gesture on merit of story,comment or because I think a gesture would show them some one cares

guilty! i have done it a few times but it didn't feel right. i only did it when i knew i wasn't gonna be around and had very little time to do anything. i guess i just thought it's better than being totally absent for a day or so. sowwy :/

I see both sides. I reply to all of them if I catch it and remember to do it. I sometimes get so caught up in a conversation with someone I let everything else slide... :( I figure someone thought enough to click on a gesture and I don't mind being one out of a bunch. I'm just happy they thought to do something nice.....instead of being all grumpy, angry or mean. :)

I fully respect that decision, Vignette, just as I see your logic in that as well... Even more logic than in my own little story here, come to think of it.