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To me, mass gestures are as annoying as the mass greeting cards. They are too impersonal and too generic to even bother to acknowledge them.

A simple, Hi, How are you ? inpires me more than dozens of mass greetings ever would.

If you don´t have the time to connect with me in a meaningful way, don´t bother and May I suggest you erase me from your list ?

Thank you

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7 Responses Nov 8, 2009

I rarely gesture to anyone. I dunno. Does that make me a bad person?

Call me petty, but I delete mass gestures. They don't really bother me much, I just treat them like an honest mistake, something not truly meant for me. Luckily, my new circle is awesome and I hardly ever get these.

If the gesture is funny,i don't mind it but they're never as touching as a personal gesture that lets me know you thought specially of me!

As are you, sweet friend.

And no matter how politely you ask, I will not erase you from my list.

Okay, here's a blanket apology for any future mass moonings. And I really do only send them once in a while. The other day I even confessed as to why I sent the mass gesture. I just HAD to model my weekend wear for everybody!

I'm with you and Des here. Sometimes though a mass gesture has a meaning and is humorous and those I like. Myo's mass moonings (say that three times fast) when she has a lovely new avatar come to mind. The rest I have been deleting.