How Stupid of Me

To have that affair with him.  he is such an addict, loser, user, and abuser.  He still calls.  When he wants something.  I don't answer the phone.  he will destroy me until there is nothing left.  I know that now.
Tumblindice Tumblindice
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5 Responses Aug 9, 2007

thank you tumblindice for putting my feelings into words...about the experience i have been having with the devil himself....always tempting...always a liar.....never wanting to answer that phone...<br />
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and some days.....the flesh was weak....


He stopped over today.......tempting me to come out and play. I wanted to but I will never trust him again....he is a liar and the devil......what a body the devil has....."he was looking better than a body has a right to"

Everytime i say this the psycho reappears , they stop eventually don't respond . I used a text message this last time it has worked for phone calls. every time he called i would send the same message.Internet ****** not working out, you will never touch me again, leave me alone ! It didn't stop him from appearing where i am and trying to get me to come back, i just would leave and not respond to him.

Thanks Deb :) you rock