Everything Has Its Price

I remember when I got my first personal phone. It was in High school my 1st year. It was great! I could now call/text my friends. It was very convenient. Sadly all good things must come to an end. Now people expect me to answer my phone, and if I don't all hell breaks free. I just don't understand the people that think you should answer your phone every time it rings, as if I didn't have other things going on. Say good bye to private time. In todays technological world I feel like I'm not wearing anything and exposed to the world. Someday we will realize that we made a mistake making the world so small through technological advances, and that everyone was happier in a bigger and unknown world. Its like we are shrinking the cage we live in. I guess everything has its price.
LockeMadison LockeMadison
26-30, M
1 Response Jul 28, 2010

very interesting way you've put it. i agree. no privacy and our worlds are getting smaller thanks to technology. thanks for sharing your story.