Does It Matter?

I just listen to my landline ring and ring and I just want it to stop. I choose who I answer my mobile to also, with a handy 'ignore' button. I'm so fed up with companies calling me asking if I want insurance or to do questionnaires. I'm fed up with my mother calling me complaining about my sister. I'm fed up of my ex calling me checking up on me. I need my phone for me to call out on, if I choose to, but it is just a constant nuisance to me.
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6 Responses Jan 23, 2008

I do the same thing. We don't have a landline, we have cell phones instead. When I am having a bad day the only one I will answer the phone for is my husband. I even bought a program for my Smartphone so I can filter calls so that I don't even have to hear the phone ring. I can set the program up to block certian numbers and to allwow certian calls to come through. I love it.

Hehehe, I was listening on the radio yesterday about how to tell someone who's got the wrong number to politely get lost. It was rather funny their suggestions.

An new answer machine would be a good idea, oh no, the bloody phone again!!!!

The ring of the phone is such an intrusion. If I didn't invite you to call, then you have no business calling me, therefore I do not need to answer. Please leave a message, I do check those once a week. <br />
All this unanswered phone ringing drives teenagers insane, an added benefit. :)

Yep! How many times do I have to say no? Sometimes I pretend not to be me. Whoever calls and says "Hello can I speak to Miss * ****, please".<br />
I answer, saying, "No, she's not in at the moment"

I have the unlucky bug when it comes to phones, everytime I pick it up, someone's trying to sell me something. It sure can get annoying :)