Inane/insane Answering Machine Messages I Use.

I don't have much use for regular messages on my voicemail/answering machine. I preferr to do somethig unusual with them .If I don't like the person's response to my message I rarely return the call unless I know exactly who is calling.
Two I use are as such:

(In a false Russian Accent): Hallo, you have reach-ed Soviet Embassy in (insert town and state). There are no KG....There are no DIPLOMATS awailable to take your call so please, at sound of capitalist pig tone, leave name, telephone number, and brief description of secrets you vish to sell.

The other one I use is:
Hello, I'm sorry but Gayle's answering machine is broken. This is her refrigerator speaking. If you speak slowly and carfully, I'll stick your message to myself with one of these little magnets.

Have a great day! Gayle
Gaylecd1 Gaylecd1
51-55, T
Jan 30, 2012