I had a stalker once. They'd call the home phone around the same time, every few days and say nothing. Just breathe. Sometimes they'd call a few times a day. Got fairly creepy when I was home alone.

Couldn't have the phone company track them down cause they didn't call repeatedly within 2-3 days.

Sometimes I'd have one-sided conversations with the stalker when I got lonely. That was weird.

I don't really answer the phone anymore.
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That sounds similar to when someone prank called me speaking some fake oriental language on a regular basis. Sometimes I would just randomly talk to them out of boredom or mock them back for prank calling me. <br />
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Though looking bad on it I kind of feel bad I didn't take it more seriously since if they did that to others like you they might get worried. I mean not everyone is as big as me and the thought of me being home alone never even crossed my mind as a concern since no one is physically scary to me even if they have a weapon.<br />
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Glad nothing bad happened. The odds of anything actually happening with a stalker though is extremely extremely low. It's just heard about and publicized everywhere whenever it happens which makes it seem like it happens more often. Kind of like plane crashes. Granted I am not sure that will make you feel any better when someone is just breathing on the phone.

I wouldn't answer the phone after that. After seeing that movie One Missed Call, I don't ever want to have to use a phone :/