King Answers The Phone

If you call my home do not expect to get me.  At least not initially.

I don't answer the phone.  In fact the ringer is turned off in my home office, my private office and in my art studio.

I can't stand to hear the phone ring.

My aversion to hearing a ringing phone developed during my residency. 

Too many times on call.  I can't stand to hear it.

My cell phone is on but it has a peaceful ring that is not offensive to me and certainly not to others.

At my office, the reception nurse will send a light page to let me know when I have a call.

When I'm in my art studio King will talk to me over a two-way paging system so I know if I have to pick up the phone.

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2 Responses May 17, 2012

Voicemail is a beautiful thing.

Voice is a beautiful thing but since it might be the hospital calling, somebody has to answer the phone. Thankfully King doesn't mind besides it is better that he deal with any telemarketers that might call. I don't do 'phone' well at all.

I know you hate to hear the phone ring and you know I don't mind answering it.